Triple Protection bracelet
Triple Protection bracelet

Triple Protection bracelet

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If you feel that you’re in constant threat of the dark forces, negative energy, emotions, and thoughts — that didn’t seem to get away EVEN after you’ve tried wearing other protection bracelets…

… then you might consider wearing the Trinus Protection Bracelet.

That’s because this spiritual jewelry combines THREE of the world’s most known powerful stones giving you 10X more protection than any other bracelets.

✔ Hematite

✔ Black Obsidian

✔ Tiger’s Eye


This mystical stone is well-known for its protective & grounding power to keep you emotionally and spiritually safe. It does this by clearing and activating the Root Chakra — absorbing all negative energies and turn it into a positive vibration.

Black Obsidian

Also known as the “Black Volcanic Stone”, or “Black Onyx”, this stone is most well-known for its strong curative properties — it cleanses psychic smog created within your aura. This powerful stone helps identify your dark side so that its healing properties can clear it away from your psyche. Even better, while cleansing your body, this powerful stone will shield you from negativities making it work as a protection stone too.

Tiger’s Eye

Ancient Egyptians & Roman soldiers had used this powerful stone during battles as their protection. It is known to protect oneself from the bad intention of others — by reflecting the negative energy. That means when wearing the Tiger's Eye, the bearer will be invisible against other people’s opinion, influences, or judgment — keeping them vibing at positive frequency.

As a bonus, the Tiger’s Eye is also well-known to attract luck and prosperity coming your way.

Product Detail:

  • Material: Hematite, Black Obsidian, Tiger's Eye
  • Bead size: 10 mm
  • Bracelet length: Elastic 18 cm - 23 cm
  • Bracelet Type: Elastic
  • Shape: Round Beads

Wear this Triple Protection Bracelet to get 10X more protection against dark & negative energy.

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