Lucky Handmade Buddhist Beads Bracelet
Lucky Handmade Buddhist Beads Bracelet
Lucky Handmade Buddhist Beads Bracelet
Lucky Handmade Buddhist Beads Bracelet
Lucky Handmade Buddhist Beads Bracelet

Lucky Handmade Buddhist Beads Bracelet

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Have you ever felt you’re on an endless streak of “bad luck”?

You’re experiencing bad events one after the other — from business deals that didn’t go through, getting fired from your job, your car breaking down which costs thousands of dollars to repair, your body is not in good health condition, you’re in bad terms with your partner or some other family members — you get the idea.

All of these put you in a stressful situation thinking that these problems will never end.

You might think these series of bad luck is just a coincidence — that there will be a rainbow after the storm. Chances are, they’re not. That’s probably because…

Your flow of abundance is blocked by negativities!

Instead of attracting positive energy, your energy is vibing with the negative energy which then leads to a series of bad events happening to you. In other word, a streak of “bad luck”.

This is why we want to introduce to you a “Good Luck” charm that could unblock your flow of abundance, so you could invite positive energy to come your way.

Introducing: “Lucky” Handmade Tibetan Monks Rope Bracelet

These beautiful Handmade Knots Bracelets are knotted by the Tibetan Buddhist Monks. As they tied the knots, they recite their holy mantras which allow its powerful spiritual energy to seep into the bracelets.

A mantra is a sacred sequence of words or syllables repetitively chanted as part of Buddhist practice. It is believed to have psychological and spiritual power. The mantras used for this bracelet when translated has a combined meaning of “to think” and “designating tools or instruments” — in which a literal translation would be “instrument of thought”.

As the bearer of the “lucky” bracelet, you will attract all that is good — while giving the wearer the protection from bad intentions and the negativity of others.

We’ve seen thought leaders, celebrities, and activist had been wearing this exact bracelet. So they too could experience the power of this mantra-infused bracelet to bring them streaks of good luck.

Just wear this bracelet on your left wrist to welcome its powerful energy. As the belief that the left side of the body represents the receiving side.

Product Details:

  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Item Condition: Brand New
  • Material: Tibetan Rope
  • Chain Type: Rope Chain
  • Clasp Type: Sliding Knot
  • Length: One size fits all - 16cm - 24cm

End your streak of bad luck and attract positive energy by getting this mantra-infused “Good Luck” bracelet 👇

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