Anti-Anxiety Bracelet
Anti-Anxiety Bracelet
Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

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Feeling anxious is a normal part of a human being — especially when settling at a new job, traveling to a new destination, or going for a job interview.

However, some people find it hard to control their worries. Their feeling of anxiety is constant, like a one-way train without stops — which affects them mentally, emotionally, and physically on a day-to-day basis.

This leads to an enormous amount of stress, imbalances, and disharmony within oneself.

At this state, you’re operating at a low-level frequency — which is a dirty, unclear, and violent energy — which exposes you to more negative emotions & thoughts.

One way for you to clear this negative emotion is by doing anxiety-relieving activities such as meditation, breathing exercises, and positive visualization.

But if you’ve tried them all, and it doesn’t ease your anxieties away...

… then you may experience something more serious.

One cause is that your old traumas, negative experiences, fears, and bad events are still hidden inside you and haunting you every second. This in-turn attracts even more other negative energy, thoughts, emotions, and keep you operating at low-frequency levels.

The only way for you to stop this for good is to remove the root of the problem for good so you can live an anxiety-free life.

Introducing: The Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

This handcrafted spiritual bracelet comes with the Green Malachite — the most popular anti-anxiety stone.

It does this by balancing the anxious emotions by removing your old negative thoughts, experiences, and trauma from your mind so they can no longer disturb you.

Green Malachite also works on the Heart Chakra — by cleansing deep anxious feelings deeply rooted in your heart in order to increase the confidence in one's life.  

It also works as a mood stabilizer by neutralizing any toxic energy in your world and guarding your spirit against any outside negativity

It works as antidepressant against everyday blues — leaving you with high spirit and vibing at high energy levels.

Product Details:

  • Material: Premium Green Malachite
  • Chain Type: Rope Chain
  • Clasp Type: Toggle-clasps
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Item Type: Strand Bracelet
  • Bead size: 10 mm
  • Bracelet length: Elastic 16.5 cm - 20 cm
  • Weight: 30 g

Let this Anti-Anxiety bracelet aids your healing journey towards a whole, balanced, and a calmer life.

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